Research: About 2.5 billion T. Rex roamed Earth however not without delay

One Tyrannosaurus rex appears scary sufficient. Now image 2.5 billion of them. That’s how most of the fierce dinosaur king in all probability roamed Earth over the course of a pair million years, a brand new examine finds.

Utilizing calculations based mostly on physique dimension, sexual maturity and the creatures’ power wants, a group on the College of California, Berkeley found out simply what number of T. rex lived over 127,000 generations, in accordance with a examine in Thursday’s journal Science. It’s a first-of-its-kind quantity, however simply an estimate with a margin of error that’s the dimension of a T. rex.


“That’s quite a lot of jaws,” stated examine lead writer Charles Marshall, director of the College of California Museum of Paleontology. “That’s quite a lot of enamel. That’s quite a lot of claws.”

The species roamed North America for about 1.2 million to three.6 million years, that means the T. rex inhabitants density was small at anyone second. There can be about two in a spot the scale of the Washington, D.C., or 3,800 in California, the examine stated.

“In all probability like lots of people, I actually did a double-take to make it possible for my eyes hadn’t deceived me once I first learn that 2.5 billion T. rexes have ever lived,” stated Macalester Faculty paleobiologist Kristi Curry Rogers, who wasn’t a part of the examine.

Marshall stated the estimate helps scientists determine the preservation price of T. rex fossils and underscores how fortunate the world is to find out about them in any respect. About 100 or so T. rex fossils have been discovered — 32 of them with sufficient materials to determine they’re adults. If there have been 2.5 million T. rex as an alternative of two.5 billion, we’d in all probability have by no means identified they existed, he stated.

Marshall’s group calculated the inhabitants by utilizing a normal biology rule of thumb that claims the larger the animal, the much less dense its inhabitants. Then they added estimates of how a lot power the carnivorous T. rex wanted to remain alive — someplace between a Komodo dragon and a lion. The extra power required, the much less dense the inhabitants. In addition they factored in that the T. rex reached sexual maturity someplace round 14 to 17 years outdated and lived at most 28 years.


Given uncertainties within the creatures’ era size, vary and the way lengthy they roamed, the Berkeley group stated the overall inhabitants might be as little as 140 million or as a lot as 42 billion with 2.4 billion as the center worth.

The science concerning the greatest land-living carnivores of all time is necessary, “however the fact, as I see it, is that this type of factor is simply very cool,” stated Purdue College geology professor James Farlow.

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