NASA will get first climate report from Mars rover touchdown web site

Engineers at NASA have obtained the primary climate report from Mars’ Jezero Crater, the place the company’s Perseverance rover landed in February.

The rover’s Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer (MEDA) system has despatched again information on atmospheric circumstances that will likely be used to tell future endeavors.


As measurements had been obtained, the rover’s staff decided that the floor temperature on the pink planet was just under minus 4 levels Fahrenheit when MEDA’s system started recording on Feb. 19, a day after touchdown. 

That temperature plummeted to minus 14 levels Fahrenheit inside a half-hour, in response to a Tuesday launch.

As well as, the MEDA radiation and mud sensor confirmed that the crater was experiencing a clearer ambiance than the Martian Gale Crater round 2,300 miles away.

They in contrast the studying utilizing studies from the Rover Environmental Monitoring Station (REMS) aboard NASA’s Curiosity rover, which landed contained in the Gale Crater in November 2011.

The MEDA stress sensors additionally famous that the stress on Mar was inside a predictable vary of 718 Pascals.

Whereas NASA has a relative understanding of the Mars local weather, additionally receiving information from the InSight lander’s Temperature and Win senors (TWINS), predicting mud storms and mud lifting will assist help future exploration.

Over the course of the subsequent yr, MEDA will present NASA will readings of photo voltaic radiation depth, cloud formations and winds, mud cycles, and warmth fluxes and temperature cycles.

MEDA, which accommodates environmental sensors, wakes itself up each hour to report extra — independently of Perseverance’s operations. 

It is ready to report the temperature at three atmospheric heights and in addition information the radiation finances close to the floor.

“We’re very excited to see MEDA working effectively,” Manuel de la Torre Juárez, deputy principal investigator for MEDA at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, mentioned an announcement.


“MEDA’s studies will present a greater image of the setting close to the floor. Information from MEDA and different instrument experiments will reveal extra items of the puzzles on Mars and assist put together for human exploration. We hope that its information will assist make our designs stronger and our missions safer,” he added.

Within the coming days, NASA will use MEDA to find out one of the best atmospheric flight circumstances for the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter.

Ingenuity is scheduled to raise off no ahead of April 11 after surviving the primary of its frigid Mars nights.

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