Mars Perseverance rover takes a selfie with Ingenuity helicopter forward of historic flight

To the delight of social media customers, NASA’s Perseverance rover used a digital camera on the top of its robotic arm to snap a selfie with the Mars Ingenuity helicopter this week forward of its historic flight mission.


Proven about 13 ft aside within the photos taken on April 6, 2021, or the forty eighth Martian day of the mission, the rover used its WATSON (Vast Angle Topographic Sensor for Operations and Engineering) digital camera on the SHERLOC (Scanning Liveable Environments with Raman and Luminescence for Organics and Chemical substances) instrument.

​​NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover took a selfie with the Ingenuity helicopter, seen right here about 13 ft (3.9 meters) from the rover. This picture was taken by the WASTON digital camera on the rover’s robotic arm on April 6, 2021, the forty sixth Martian day, or sol, of the mission.Credit score: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

In a launch, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) mentioned Wednesday that the selfie had been constructed utilizing 62 particular person photographs — taken in sequence — that have been stitched collectively.

It famous that the Curiosity Mars rover, which landed on the pink planet in 2011, takes related “selfies.”

Ingenuity, which has been launched on the Martian floor, is scheduled to try the first-ever powered and managed flight of an plane on one other planet no prior to April 11.

As soon as the group at JPL is prepared, Perseverance will relay the helicopter’s ultimate flight instruction from mission controllers, in line with NASA.

If all ultimate checks and atmospheric circumstances look good, the helicopter will raise off climbing at a charge of three ft per second and hover at 10 ft above the floor for as much as 30 seconds.


After information and probably photographs from the rover’s Navigation Cameras and Mastcam-Z are downloaded, the Ingenuity group will decide whether or not the flight was successful. 

The outcomes will probably be mentioned by the group at a media convention that very same day.

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